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Library Director
Assistant Director
Circulation Librarian
0 Lunt Street

Byfield, MA 01922
(978) 465-0539
(978) 465-1071
Library Hours
Tuesday 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Thursday 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
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Board of Trustees
Newbury Town Library
  Long Range Plan
  2011 - 2015

The Long Range Plan for the Newbury Town Library, Fiscal Years 2011-2015, is
the first plan created since the building of the new library, in 2000. The library
and the Town of Newbury have gone through many changes in the past nine
years. The structure of Newbury’s town government has changed from a three
person board of selectmen to a five person board with a Town Administrator.
The library now has a new library director after the retirement of the former
director after 20 years of service. The community is fortunate to have a dedicated,
hard working and long standing library staff who understand the needs of the
community and it’s library users.
The unprecedented challenges in our economy have stretched the resources of our
households, and our state and local government. In the midst of this financial
uncertainty citizens are looking to their library to provide them with the resources
they need for work and leisure. All aspects of library service at the Newbury Town
Library have increased with each passing year.
Because of the financial challenges that face the Town of Newbury and it’s library
in the coming years, the Library will work to seek grants and other funding
opportunities. With the completion of this plan, and our good standing
certification under the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, the library
is able to apply for federal Library Service and Technology Act (LSTA) grant
monies. Working with local businesses and concerned citizens, there are great
opportunities for the library to provide new services, adapt, and change to meet
the information needs of the citizens of Newbury.
Thank you to those who provided feedback by completing the Library’s Community
Survey and helped shape this Long Range Plan.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Newbury Town Library is to provide free and open access to
materials and services to fulfill the informational, educational, cultural, and
recreational needs of the community. The library supports and encourages
lifelong learning. The library provides programs and materials to support
children’s interests and appreciation of reading and learning. The library
integrates new technology with traditional library resources and expands access
to resources beyond the library’s physical walls.

Long Range Plan Methodology
The process of creating a Long Range Plan at the Newbury Town Library formally
began in September 2008. A Long Range Planning committee was formed and
included representatives from town government, schools, business, and the
three areas of Newbury; Plum Island, Old Town and Byfield. Two meeting were
held in November 2008 and were facilitated by Scott Kehoe, Mary Berhle and
Susan Babb from the Northeast Regional Library System. The first meeting held
on November 5, 2008 identified the library’s Strengths, Weaknesses,
Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT). A second meeting was held on November
19, 2008 and a Community Vision Statement was developed . The results from
these meetings developed the foundation for the library’s Goals and Objectives.
In addition to the information gathered from the first two Long Planning
Committee meetings, a community survey was created and made available in
January 2009. Survey’s were available at the Library, Senior Center, Town Hall,
on the library’s website, and Newbury Town website. The survey was also sent
out via email through the school newsletter and Friends of the Library email list.
The survey was also announced and advertised in two local papers, the
Newburyport Daily News and the Town Common. Results from the survey were
collated by NMRLS and many of the key ideas from the survey provided further
support to the library’s Goals and Objectives.
The Long Range Plan was formally adopted by the Newbury Town Library Board
of Trustees on -------.

Assessment of User Needs
The Community Vision exercise conducted by NMRLS during the second Long
Range Planning Committee meeting and the community survey helped determine
the needs of the community. Both exercises provided the library with an
extensive list of ideas to focus on while writing the plan. Two main ideas were
chosen from the Community Vision exercise:
· The Newbury Town Library will serve as a vital center for all of Newbury.
· The Newbury Town Library recognizes and responds to the needs of the
The community survey was made available to the public shortly after the
Community Vision exercise. The library received 173 responses from the survey
and the feedback assisted in us in formulating the library’s Goals and Objectives.
The key ideas from the survey include:
· Expand Library Hours. While 56.9% of respondents are satisfied with the
library’s hours, overwhelmingly patrons would like to see the library’s hours
expanded. Of those who responded, 27.3% stated that the library’s hours
prevented them from using the library. The comments and suggestions
written throughout the survey include suggestions for additional hours on
Fridays, longer Saturday hours and hours for people coming from work in the
· Library location. The library is located at the far western part of town making
it difficult for residents from other areas to access the library. Outreach and
collaboration with other community organizations will help the library move
past the “library walls” and out into the community.
· Expand Programming. Residents are looking for adult programming and
teen programming while continuing to offer excellent children’s programming.
Patrons would like to see enrichment and educational programs and more
museum passes.
· Improve collection development . Areas of the collection in high demand
based on the results of the survey include adult materials at 79..4% and
children’s materials at 37.6% Residents requested more DVD’s and popular
fiction in the collection.
· Genealogy. Newbury is an area rich in local history. Use of the genealogy
collection and increase use of the room was mentioned repeatedly, as well as
offering genealogy programming.
· Technology. Library computers are in high demand, especially during these
challenging economic times. Patrons are looking for more computers in the
library and up- to-date hardware and software.

Newbury Town Library Goals, Objectives, Activities
Goal 1. The Newbury Town Library will serve as a vital information
center for all of Newbury.
Objective 1. Create an area for residents of Newbury to have access
to community information, organization contacts, and events
in the area.
Activity 1. Maintain the community bulletin board at library
entrance. (FY2011- 2015)
Activity 2. Create a file of contacts of local organizations for the
public to access at the Reference Desk. (FY2012)
Activity 3. Maintain the community information database through
MVLC and link to it through the library’s webpage.
Objective 2. Develop opportunities for citizens to meet and interact in the
Activity 1. Encourage community groups to utilize the library’s
meeting room. (FY2011-2015)
Activity 2. Encourage schools and local artisans to display art work
in the meeting room. (FY2012-2015)
Activity 3. Investigate the feasibility of creating an informal
meeting space in the library for people to read, use the
wireless service and have coffee or tea. (FY2012)

Goal 2. The Newbury Town Library will recognize and respond to the
needs of the community.
Objective 1. Track local trends and news to determine material selection
and programming offerings.
Activity 1. A suggestion box will be created for patrons to provide
feedback for material selection and programs
ideas. (FY2011-2015)
Activity 2. Purchase materials to support resident’s needs based on
ideas from the suggestion box. (FY2011-2015)
Activity 3. Provide programs based on local needs and issues.
Objective 2. Develop a homeschooling and tutoring collection
Activity 1. Weed and shift reference collection to make space for
homeschool and tutor materials. (FY2012)
Activity 2. Pull materials from the collection and re-catalog to
reflect its place in reference. (FY2012)
Activity 3. Create informational flyers to be sent out to local
homeschool families, tutors, and schools describing the
collection and other library resources. (FY2013)
Objective 3. Invite local organizations and businesses to share their craft
or area of expertise with the community.
Activity 1. Join the Newburyport Chamber of Commerce and
attend at least four meetings per year. (FY2011)

Goal 3. The Newbury Town Library will improve access to the library
both physically and virtually.
Objective 1. Investigate optimal hours to meet the needs of the
Activity 1. Examine current patron usage throughout the week to
determine highest and lowest times of use. (FY2011)
Activity 2. Evaluate survey results and feedback from users to
determine when additional library hours are requested.
Objective 2. Explore the need of additional staffing for an increase in
library hours.
Activity 1. Create staff schedule scenarios based on different
library hours options. (FY2012)
Activity 2. Determine budget needed to fund staff for additional
hours. (FY2012)
Activity 3. Determine if library budget can support additional staff
hours. (FY2012)
Activity 4. Develop a cost analysis of building costs and overhead
for additional library hours. (FY2012)
Objective 3. Maintain an updated and current online presence through
the library’s webpage for 24/7 service.
Activity 1. Create a new library website and keep library news and
events posted and updated each month. (FY2011)
Activity 2. Maintain regular updates of library information
on the Town of Newbury website. (FY2011-2015)

Goal 4. The Newbury Town Library will provide programs and
resources for enrichment, education, and exploration of ideas
for users of all ages.
Objective 1. Provide and maintain programming to develop a lifelong love
of reading for children.
Activity 1. Host book and writing groups at varied reading and
writing levels.(FY2012)
Activity 2. Expand outreach to community groups targeting scouts
and other children's community service organizations.
Activity 3. Continue to offer a storyhour program to preschool
children. (FY2011-2015)
Objective 2. Develop programming for teens and adults.
Activity 1. Beginning in FY2011, offer at least four adult programs
per year (FY2011-2015)
Activity 2. Establish a teen advisory board to promote teen
services and programs at the library (FY2012)
Activity 3. Create an inviting space designated for teens by
creating displays and posting information relevant to
young adults in the Young Adult area. (FY2012)
Activity 4. Work with the Friends of the Library to provide
programming throughout the year for adults, young
adults and children. (FY2011-2015)
Objective 3. Collaborate with community organizations to create
programming opportunities at the library.
Activity 1. Create programs specific to the interest of
seniors and work with the Council on Aging to
promote these programs. (FY2012)
Activity 2. Work with the PTO and school administration to
promote library services and help students and parents
understand how the library can contribute to their
academic success. (FY2013)

Objective 4. Develop and maintain an ongoing subscription of museum
passes for a variety of interests and ages. (FY2011)
Activity 1. Seek grants and private funds to support a museum
pass program. (FY2011-FY2015)
Activity 2. Work with the Friends of the Library to support
designated museum passes. (FY2011-FY2015)
Activity 3. Promote the museum pass program to the community in
a number of outlets, including in house promotion,
newsletters, newspapers, online and through other
community organizations. (FY2011-2015)

Goal 5. The Newbury Town Library will develop a strong and current
collection of materials and resources to meet the needs and
demands of the community.
Objective 1. Evaluate the library’s collection development plan and
allocate funds as necessary to different areas of the
Activity 1. Gather circulation statistics through MVLC for different
area of the collection and determine the high demand
categories. (FY2012)
Activity 2. Create request forms for the public to help determine
areas of the collection in need of development.
Objective 2. Expand the library’s DVD and audio collection.
Activity 1. Reallocate funding to AV materials from other areas in
the materials budget to reflect the need to support a
growing collection. (FY2011)
Activity 2. Promote MVLC’s Overdrive Collection in the library,
on the library webpage, and in the local media.

Objective 3. Expand the library’s genealogy collection
Activity 1. Allocate funds to support the genealogy collection
from the Reference budget. (FY2012)
Activity 2. Determine areas of the collection in need of
development by visiting other local archives and
historical societies. (FY2013)
Activity 3. Work with local historians to keep collection current and
relevant. (FY2013-FY2015)
Activity 4. Investigate the need for online genealogy resources.
Objective 4. Maximize shelving space in the library for print and non-print
Activity 1. Develop a weeding schedule of all areas of the
collection. (FY2011)
Activity 2. Shift the collection to improve accessibility and access
and increase shelf space. (FY2012-2015)

Goal 6. The Newbury Town Library will examine and update library
Objective 1. The Board of Trustees and Library Director will review
policies that are in need of updating.
Activity 1. Examine current library policies. (FY2011-FY2015)
Activity 2. Create a review schedule of all library polices and
Update as needed. (FY2012)
Objective 2. The Board of Trustees and Library Director will create staff
evaluations and staff policies.
Activity 1. Create evaluation forms for all library staff and
implement yearly. (FY2012)
Activity 2. Create a procedures and policies manual for library
staff. (FY2012)

Goal 7. The Newbury Town Library will meet the technological needs
of the community.
Objective 1. Maintain library computers and technological infrastructure
Activity 1. Create a rotating schedule of hardware replacements as
systems become outdated. (FY2011)
Activity 2. Investigate the availability of grants for new hardware.
Objective 2. Create tutorials for patrons on various library online services
Activity 1. Develop a tutorial for iPac for patrons to use from the
library or from home. (FY2012)
Activity 2. Publicize the list of databases available to patrons
and instructions for use in the library and on the
webpage. (FY2013)

Goal 8. The Newbury Town Library will provide residents with
well-trained library personnel and a fully staffed library.
Objective 1. Investigate the feasibility of filling the vacant Reference/
Young Adult Librarian position.
Activity 1. Keep statistics four times per year of Reference
requests. (FY2011-2015)
Activity 2. Track YA usage and requests and programming
attendance. (FY2011-2015)
Activity 3. Determine hours necessary to cover Reference/Young
Adult tasks and investigate the availability of funds to
support this position. (FY2013)
Objective 2. Orientation of new technologies and systems will be provided
to all library staff.
Activity 1. NMRLS and MVLC continuing education calendars will be
posted in the staff room each month. (FY2011-2015)
Activity 2. Training on circulation system upgrades will be
scheduled with all staff as needed. (FY2011-2015)

Objective 3. Staff meeting will be held at least six times throughout the
Activity 1. Update library staff with changes to library policies in
staff meetings and by posting relevant information on
the staff room board. (FY2011-2015)
Activity 2. Examine library procedures and amend when necessary.

Goal 9. The Newbury Town Library will maintain the library facility and
Objective 1. A yearly schedule will be created to maintain the exterior
and interior of the Library and all operating systems.
Activity 1. Create an Excel spreadsheet of regular maintenance
needs throughout the year to and vendors will be
solicited to complete maintenance projects. (FY2012)
Objective 2. Funding will be allocated to maintain the library.
Activity 1. Maintain and track the Public Building Maintenance
Account. (FY2011)

Goal 10 : The Board of Trustees will continue to advocate for the long
term financial security of the library.
Objective 1. Support library staff in seeking grant funding opportunities.
Objective 2. Review fees and other revenue streams where appropriate.
Activity 1. Monitor copy and fax revenue for FY2011 and determine
if adjustments should be made to the copy policy.
Objective 3. Assist and participate in Friends of the Library fundraising
efforts on behalf of the library. (FY2012)
Objective 4. Explore the possibility of establishing an endowment.
Town of Newbury, profile…………17
Community Survey…………………..19
Community Survey Results……….21
LRP Committee SWOT Exercise…44

The town of Newbury is located on the Northeast coast of Massachusetts, about 34 miles
north of Boston. It is part of Essex County, situated next to the harbor city of
Newburyport, of which it was once part. Newbury is divided into three sections, Old
Town, Byfield and Plum Island, which makes for a culturally and geographically diverse
community. The population was 6,610 at the time of the 2000 census and projected to be
around 7,389 by 2010 and 8,490 by 2020 by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council
Data Center.
Newbury was settled in 1635, it’s original settlers coming over from England in 1634 and
arriving in neighboring Ipswich. Early settlers hunted and fished and grazed cattle. Early
industries included a gristmill, sawmill and snuff mill powered by the Parker River. In
1850 railroads came to Newbury, carrying freight and tourists and helped to turn Plum
Island into a Victorian seaside resort. Silver was discovered and silver mining became a
major industry until the early part of the 20th century when the silver mine closed. The
economy then became primarily agrarian and included salt marsh haying and clam
Today Newbury is considered a residential community with many residents commuting
to other communities to work. Commuter rail and bus service to Boston and surrounding
areas exists, along with easy access to major highways. The “gentrification” of Newbury
along with long standing zoning restrictions has allowed for little commercial expansion
and the tax base remains primarily residential.
According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 26.5 square
miles, of which 24.2 square miles is land and 2.2 square miles (8.32%) is water. Terrain
is flat, with an expansive array of tidal rivers, salt marshes and wetlands.
As of the census of 2000, there were 6717 residents, 2514 households and 1815 families
living in Newbury. In the town the population was spread out with 27.1% under the age
of 18, 4.3% from 18 to 24, 30.0% from 25 to 44, 27.9% from 45 to 64, and 10.7% who
were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 40 years.
The median income for a household in the town was $74,836, and the median income for
a family was $83,428. Males had a median income of $52,366 versus $35,656 for
females. The per capita income for the town was $34,640. About 3.1% of the population
were below the poverty line, including 2.3% of those under age 18 and 9.2% of those age
65 or over.
Government adheres to Open Town Meeting rules and procedures overseen by an elected
five member Board of Selectmen. Major issues are decided by Annual Town Meeting,
with elections of town board members and positions and some questions being decided
by ballot. The newly formed position of Town Administrator was created to allow for a
more uniform and efficient means of running the town, with better coordination between
The school system of Newbury is regional, shared with the surrounding communities of
Salisbury and Rowley, Students attend separate elementary schools in their own
community and then all students attend Triton Regional Middle and High School, located
in the Byfield section of Newbury.
The Governor’s Academy, the nation’s first preparatory school, was founded in 1763 in
Byfield and remains a highly respected private school, attracting both local, national and
international students.
Newbury Town Library
Community Survey
The Newbury Town Library is developing a five year plan and your input will help us
focus library resources and improve service in the future. We are looking for your
thoughts regardless of whether you currently use library services. Surveys can be
returned to the Library, Town Hall, the Senior Center, the book drop at Town Hall or the
Library, or visit the library’s webpage to access it online.
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
What are the ages of the members in your household? (check all that apply)
 under 12  13-18  19-30  31-54  55-64  65 and over
How many members of your household have a Newbury Town Library card? ______
How often do you visit the Newbury Town Library?
 Once a week  Once a month  Occasionally  Never
Are you satisfied with the Library’s hours? (The Newbury Town Library is currently
open Monday 12-7 Tuesday 10-6 Wednesday 12-7 Thursday 10-6 and
Saturdays 10-2 [October – May])
 Yes  No Suggestions
What prevents you from using the Library? (check all that apply):
 It does not have what I need/want
 I use another library
 The library’s hours are inconvenient
 I use the internet/buy my materials
 I can’t get to the library
 Fell out of the habit of going to the library
 Other _____________________________________________
If you visit the Library, for what purpose do you come? (check all that apply)
 To browse/checkout adult books, movies, music, etc.
 To browse/checkout children’s books, movies, music, etc.
 To attend Children’s programs
 To browse magazines and newspapers
 To use the computers or wifi
 To research and use reference materials
 For quiet study
 Book sales and events sponsored by the Friends of the Library
What Library programs and activities would you like to see developed in the next five
for Adults?
For Teens?
For Children?
Do you access the library’s webpage? (  Yes  No
Do you access the library through the Merrimack Valley Library Consortium’s
website(  Yes  No
If yes, for what purpose? (Please mark all that apply)
 Search the catalog
 Check your library account
 Communicate with library staff via e-mail
 Reserve materials
 Search online databases
What do you find most valuable at the Newbury Town Library?
What would you like to see changed/improved at the library?
Other comments or suggestions_____________________________________________
Newbury Town Library · 0 Lunt Street · Byfield, MA 01922 · 978.465.0539 · ·
Newbury Town Library Survey
Results 2009
• Analyzing 165 responses.
Q.1 What are the ages of the members in your household? (check all
that apply)
Choice Count Percent of Sample Asked
under 12 61 37.0%
13-18 38 23.0%
19-30 27 16.4%
31-54 89 53.9%
55-64 45 27.3%
65 and over 43 26.1%
Q.2 How many members of your household have a Newbury Town
Library card?
Choice Count Percentage of Sample Answering
One 36 22.6%
Two 56 35.2%
Three 23 14.5%
Four 23 14.5%
Five 5 3.1%
Six 1 0.6%
Other 15 9.4%
Q.2 - How many members of your household have a Newbury Town
Library card? - Other
• 7
• 0
• none
• 0
• 0
• 0
• 0
• 0
• 0
• 0
• 2 but from Amesbury
• use Rowley card
• 7
• 7
Q.3 How often do you visit the Newbury Town Library?
Choice Count Percentage of Sample Answering
Once a week 66 40.2%
Once a month 33 20.1%
Occasionally 50 30.5%
Never 15 9.1%
Q.4 Are you satisfied with the library's hours? (The Newbury Town
Library is currently open Monday 12-7 Tuesday 10-6 Wednesday 12-7
Thursday 10-6 and Saturdays 10-2 [October - May])
Choice Count Percentage of Sample Answering
Yes 87 56.9%
No 66 43.1%
Q.4a Suggestions
• Open Fridays
• I think the hours are fine, but open a little later (til 4 or 5?) on saturdays
would be great.
• I would love to frequent the Newbury Library more, but the hours are far too
• I don't go to Newbury ever because of the hours and the location. It has a
decent selection but newburyport is just more convenient for me.
• Should be open longer hours.
• Interested in Computing, would like to see more "Self help" information on
the web page. Would be happy to suggest a few things if interested.
• We live on the Newburyport town line and can walk to the library there, so
we rarely go to Byfield.
• Being closed Thursday at 6 til Monday at noon June through Sept is too
long. Please break it up more, close on Wed open on Friday or somthing like
• have the library open on fridays.
• would be great if it was open daily or later (until 8:00) - but I know funding's
an issue
• More evening hours. Open sometime on Friday would be good or evenon
Sunday when people aren't working. I think that more hours during even
holidays or when people aren't working would be great
• I would prefer at least one early morninf opening on a weekday
• I would prefer at least one early morning opening on a week day
• Friday would be nice too
• Hours should be expanded
• for summer hours it would be better to stay open Saturday and close
Wednesdays or Thursdays
• Fridays too! and open until 8pm some nights
• Fri, Sat, Sun :)
• I'd like to see evening hours until 8 or 9 pm at least once a week.
• Close Mondays, Open Fridays, extend Saturday hours
• There should be hours on friday and the weekend because that is most
• I usually don't get home from work until 6:30 so Saturday is usually the only
time that I can get to the library. I would like to see Saturday hours in the
• Weekends are the times I would be able to go to the library and you are
hardly open.
• Great for people who don't work.
• Saturday and Sunday 10 - 4
• I would like to have the library opened on Fridays and Saturdays.
• My time is sufficiently flexible so that hours are not so critical - My concern
would be that the hours match the need of students and other frequent users.
• if they remain consistent over time.
• not consistent
• Unfortunatley my suggestion would have been NOT build our own library
but to pool with Newburyport to build a more extensive library. We are
spread too thin and cannot even afford to be open reasonabel hours so I
thiomnk the money is wasted on a huge building its expenses and staff that
the town budget cannot truly afford.
• evenings until 9 and Sundays
• maybe later on Saturday into the afternoon and some hours on Fridays--
tend to use Newburyport library more since it has more hours
• Hours more into the "evening" and Saturdays. I get off a train at 6:15 (if it's
on time) and with the library closing at 7, just can't get there. Saturday is my
only chance and with no Saturday hours in the summer....
• longer hours on Saturday
• Open on Fridays and not Mondays
• The library should be open on Fridays and Saturdays. Please consider
eliminating Tuesdays or Wednesdays to make it work.
• I am mostly satisfied but would like one evening open until 8
• Personally I wish the Saturday hours were a bit later, and Sunday hours
would be wonderful too--especially in the winter. But I do appreciate the
times you ARE open, and will often be sure before venturing out.
• Friday would be a very helpful day for getting DVDs for the weekend.
• I would like to see the library open on Fridays. And I think it is important to
have more cosistent open and closing hours. I don't want to have to think,"Oh
it is Wednesday, the library opens at 10 or does it open at 12? Or the same
scene for when it closes? Closing Sunday and Monday and being open
Tuesday-Saturday will give the impression of more consistency.
• In the ideal world, I would like longer Saturday hours, but with budget
constraints, I understand the limitations. Also, if the library could open
Saturdays during September and June, while school is still in session, that
would also be good.
• Friday and Saturday are the best days of the week to have the time to go to
the Library
• Offer friday hours
• Earlier on M & W, later on Sat.
• more evening hours
• Would like to have the Library open on Friday also.
• We would like Fri. hours; at least part of the day; and DEFINITELY
Saturday all year around...........some of us have to work in the summer - all would seem to make more sense to get rid of Monday hours if
• Open Saturdays all year round, or if that's not possible open till at least 8
PM during the summer hours.
• more hours would always be appreciated
• Would like to see at least one day a week open until 9:00P.M.
• Friday would be a great day to be open is the winter - to collect books and
movies for the cold weekends!
• Open on more Saturday's annually and not just Oct thru May. I think more
people venture out to do things and take advantage of services when the
weather is nicer. Also for those who work full-time, Mon - Fri and must
commute they can't get to the Library.
• More regular hours
• Open Friday!
• Saturday should be open until 3pm
• Please open on Fridays too!
• the library s great!!!
• Friday hours; Sunday afternoon hours; one late-night (9:00)closing
• weekend and evening would work better with our schedules
• a sunday or 2 a month
• I would like Friday hours
• weekend hours during the summer
• I would very much like the library to be open at least for a few hours on
• open on Friday afternoon
• Open a bit later in the evenings would be good.
• Be open on Friday
• I wish there were more hours!
• open friday
• Be open on Friday
• More hours
• Friday hours would be good for me
• 10 to 6 daily, including fri., but budget probably does not allow
• Sunday openings
• Wish you offered the kids story times in the evening (4:00 p.m.)so working
parents could bring there kids.
Sample Answering: 74 responses
Q.5 What prevents you from using the Library? (check all that apply):
Choice Count Percent of Sample Asked
It does not have what I need/want 11 6.7%
I use another library 37 22.4%
The Library hours are inconvenient 45 27.3%
I use the internet/buy my materials 18 10.9%
I can't get to the library 6 3.6%
Fell out of the habit of going to the library 23 13.9%
Other 35 21.2%
Q.5 - What prevents you from using the Library? (check all that apply): -
• I love the library
• having overdue materials ou
• having overdue materials out
• nothing prevents us we use it all the time
• nothing prevents us
• I get about 8 books at a time so I come once a month
• Newbury library is a long drive while Newburyport is very close.
• work at another Library.
• Byfield is inconvenient
• too far away
• location
• limited driving
• just moved here
• I live much closer to the Newburyport Library
• too far away. Nbpt Library is closer
• Nothing, I love your library, especially for audio books!
• I don't go as often because my children no longer participate in library
programs and I work full-time now. There are days when I would go but it is
not open late enough after we return from school/work.
• sometimes it's closed when I can/want to go there
• Nothing... I am there often
• Newburyport is closer to plum island
• too far away (relative to NBPT)
• i work closer to another library
• It is out of the way for me to travel
• can't make it in the summer due to the hours
• not convenient location
• Newburyport is closer
• I use another library because it's more convenient.
• no time
• museum passes
• I have an infant and am getting use to her schedule.
• I am closer to Newburyport library and use it weekly.
• busy schedule
Sample Answering: 33 responses
Q.6 If you visit the Library, for what purpose do you come? (check all
that apply)
Choice Count Percent of Sample Asked
To browse/checkout adult books, movies, music,
131 79.4%
To browse/checkout children's books, movies,
music, etc.
62 37.6%
To attend Children's programs 29 17.6%
To browse magazines and newspapers 44 26.7%
To use the computers or wifi 31 18.8%
To research and use reference materials 45 27.3%
Genealogy 8 4.8%
For quiet study 28 17.0%
Book sales and events sponsored by the Friends
of the Library
42 25.5%
Meetings 23 13.9%
Other 16 9.7%
Q.6 - If you visit the Library, for what purpose do you come? - Other
• to use fax and copy services
• to pick up books ordered online
• Research local history
• bring 3 year old nephew
• attending new book group 1/12/09 for first time
• copy machine
• Audio books for the car!
• quiet space for my husband's internet based work
• to pick up ILLs
• order & pick-up my Books for COA Book Group
• books on tape and cd
• Book donation
• use my laptop
Sample Answering: 14 responses
Q.7 If you visit the Library, for what purpose do you come? For adults
Item Frequency Percent
(Not Answered) 123 74.5%
book club 2 1.2%
(Unique responses) 40 24.2%
(Total) 165 100.0%
Q.7 For adults
• Creative writing program
• speakers on various subjects--finances,gardeni ng,etc
• Internet information about Libraries
• book club
• cooking, activity, courses, seminars
• book groups
• I would like to see adult yoga or pilates in the meeting room(like Amesbury
and Rowley have)
• book club
• Book Club and more museum passes
• maybe a reading program where adults read to kids, volunteering sorts of
• I'm a senior citizen at Newbury Village so do not come out a lot for
programs especially at night
• panels of mystery authors (see mystery writers of america
• music and cultural programs
• See below #13
• book groups, perhaps tutoring for adults who need reading help or english
as second language help
• Regular lectures e.g. Plans for Newbury, Birds in our area, Travelogs,
geology of Newbury area, Climate change
• personal finance, genealogy, computer classes
• Poetry workshop,readings by local poets
• More craft related classes - for a fee is fine, like jewlery making.
• more book clubs
• More author visits
• book club(s)
• Classes in popular topics such as digital photography
• lecture, author series, book groups, career planning
• Evening presentations
• Services for the homebound
• more in the way of interesting books such as found in the Nbpt library
• computer skills training by volunteer, refreshed selection of audio books-I
believe there are rental programs available-see Groveland
• More History Nights, with repeats, more Author's Nights, with repeats,
gardening, flower arrangements, movie nights ( current good ones and might
even be able to charge a small feww of $3.00), free courses or small charge
($3.00) on photography, painting
• book reading groups, book discussions with authors
• Author events
• Varied Lecture Series
• more literary (author) events; local history seminars, films
• more use of the history/geneology room
• adult ed classes in the evening
• museum passes
• helpful educational ie computer use, internet navigation, resume
reworking,informational night on services currently available
• More book club times, more town info, sports /new local businesses
• Book club/crafts
• more author evenings
• Movies for a minimal donation
Sample Answering: 42 responses
Q.7 If you visit the Library, for what purpose do you come? For teens
Item Frequency Percent
(Not Answered) 149 90.3%
(Unique responses) 16 9.7%
(Total) 165 100.0%
Q.7 For teens
• the programs for adolescents have never been good. I think cooking, teen
issues, maybe guest speakers
• Book Club
• The teen program at the Newburyport library is great. They have
workshops to make stuff out of recycled materials etc...I would like to see
something like that.
• Maybe a reading program where the teens read to the kids? Volunteering
sorts of things?
• anything that helps them improve study skills and research and computer
knowledge - or generally motivates interest in lifelong learning
• Craft, music and computer skill classes
• Book discussion groups
• Same
• More teen magazines, more teen "study books", different music choices
• More books for the teen section
• origmi
• book club
• more twilight book copies
• something / anything
• more programs
• teen group/room/crafts
Sample Answering: 16 responses
Q.7 If you visit the Library, for what purpose do you come? For children
Item Frequency Percent
(Not Answered) 144 87.3%
(Unique responses) 21 12.7%
(Total) 165 100.0%
Q.7 For children
• I think these are far over rated and some should be cut like vehicle night and
Santa Claus
• You have a wonderful children's program
• I think Mrs. Collins is doing a great job with kids programs
• You have an amazing children's program already
• book group for kids maybe ages 7-10
• variety of days and times, not always the same day
• preschool and early reading experiences to help them fall in love with good
• They do plently already.
• Book group? Writing group?
• Same
• Think there are enough of these programs
• various programs for school age children
• a 'book club' for elementary students
• book club
• book reading groups
• already happy with the programs
• museum passes
• storytime for younger toddlers
• more science/math based programs afterschool or during break
• story time for children under a year
• diffrent days and times for story hour/guest like mother goose or cat in the
Sample Answering: 21 responses
Q.8 Do you access the library's webpage
Choice Count Percentage of Sample Answering
Yes 98 64.1%
No 55 35.9%
Q.9 Do you access the library through the Merrimack Valley Library
Consortium's website
Choice Count Percentage of Sample Answering
Yes 77 49.7%
No 78 50.3%
Q.10 If yes, for what purpose? (Please mark all that apply)
Choice Count Percent of Sample Asked
Search the catalog 72 43.6%
Check your library account 49 29.7%
Communicate with library staff via e-mail 4 2.4%
Reserve materials 64 38.8%
Search online databases 36 21.8%
Other 5 3.0%
Q.10Specified_6 If yes, for what purpose? (Please mark all that apply) -
• I am in WMRL Area
• I didn't know we could do any of that!
• renew books
• use language program
• use My List
Sample Answering: 5 responses
Q.11 What do you find most valuable at the Newbury Town Library?
• Good staff
• nice staff, nice atmosphere, access to materials.
• Apart from the books themselves, I think the staff is helpful and wellinformed.
• Love the children's room. The staff is fabulous, and they do a wonderful job
with story hour. Also love that I can reserve books on line and have them
delivered from another library to the Newbury library.
• Use of the internet
• materials, helpfulness of the staff
• Children's program that my Grandchildren attend
• the staff is wonderful and it has a nice atmosphere
• the great people - everyone is so helpful
• I like the consortium. I would like to see better databases in the health field.
I seriously think that the library should use textbooks as many of them are
more updated that what youhave now. Say, for nursing, I am willing to
donate 08 and 09 books, but the consortium has nothing up to date on the
topic and other topics that is current. I think the library has a lot of room but
should be rearranged to accommodate more books.
• the staff
• The books and Mrs. Collins
• Friendliness and respect of the children's room librarians
• books/internet
• Sense of community, books on tape! magazines
• The fact that you can request items from the website and they get sent to
the nearest library.
• the books
• Kid's programs.
• Everything
• The opportunity to read without purchasing books!
• a community of events
• Free access to books, videos, magazines etc.
• People working there and how helpful they are
• The amount of books - I'm a mystery fan and books for sale at reasonable
prices very good service
• your range of mysteries and your nice atmosphere
• Laurie Collins
• Local history room
• Collection of adult books, fiction and non
• Reading material for my book club and doing research. I also feel that the
guest speakers are wonderful.
• Convenient space for meetings - I am a big reader, but tend to buy my
reading materials rather than get them from the library -
• Newspapers and magazines Meeting space
• book selection is good, staff at circulation desk are extremely nice and very
• Resource materials, aid to local libraries
• Since moving back to the area 3.5 years ago, have only been the to the
library once, to pick up a book that was available.
• The helpful and friendly library staff. Newspapers, Magazines,
Current Fiction and Non-fiction books. Great selection of cds and movies.
• It's courteous staff.
• The staff - they are wonderful and very helpful.
• That it is part of a consortium and have many books/tapes at our disposal.
• I have used every aspect of the library over the past 12 years that we have
lived here. Your community news board, children's material, class materials
(I am a teacher), movies, audio books, and reference materials. All have
been equally valuable at different times.
• Laurie Collins. The inter-library loan.
• friendly staff, convenient hours for the budget they're on
• The staff at the Newbury Town Library are always friendly and helpful.
• The willingness and friendliness of the staff.
• It's local.
• the helpful, friendly staff, the resources
• availability of most everything I'm looking for
• Friendly staff, but I think customer service can always be improved.
• I go to the library mostly for children's materials and programs.
• Reading area
• convenient, local, connected to consortium
• Internet with little or no waiting, very pleasant library staff, copy machine,
ability to print from internet if I need to, clean bathrooms. easy parking, and
no fines.
• The children's librians! Wonderful sense of community. Story hours were
outstanding way to meet others and introduce children to quiet group activity.
Easy to locate materials, great variety for kids and adults.
• Finding books to read. I note the excellent programmes for children,
geneology etc.Use of the big room for meetings etc
• Research tools and access to materials I would otherwise have to
purchase. Also, help with finding things that I did not think of in the first place.
• knowledge of the librarians regarding current books
• staff
• New book display
• I think you all are doing great with programs/speakers for both the young
and adults.
• the quiet and comfortable sitting area
• Audio books, print books,
• The fact that the staff is friendly, offers excellent help, and can get items
that one needs.
• The staff - they are kind, helpful and make every visit a pleasure
• The Staff. I always enjoy the library building and setting.
• location
• the staff!
• For me personally I found it most enjoyable to take the smaller children to
the children's library and spend quality time searching for the perfect book,
spending quality time with my child, teaching them about the importance of
reading, the importance of a library and it's resources, teaching a child about
signing out a book, the discipline of reading it and returning it on time. I grew
up going to and using a library and it's resources and I did the same with my
• Interlibrary loans
• The range of music and movies
• I love to read the books.
• Frequent book donation allowed.
• Quiet, but... (see point 12)
• It being part of a larger consortium
• books computers and DEFENITLY the great people who work here!!
• Local history documentation
• selection of materials friendly, helpful, knowledgable staff problem-free
• lots of space. quiet
• location
• the books
• parent resource books for teens teens resource books on topics of real
life: i.e. anorexia, drugs, etc.
• people who work are very knowledgable
• I find the present director and staff very helpful and willing to listen to
• very quiet and comfortable environment. my children enjoy the many books
to choose from
• the staff
• the staff
• helpful, friendly staff. wonderful book selection
• movies; books on tape/CD; kids books
• the children's room. the librarians are very nice and helpful. my children
enjoy their experiences at the library
• New fiction, travel reference materials.
• staff staff staff
• The fantastic, friendly, understanding, extremely helpful staff.
• The people who work there
• 1. the staff 2. the catalogs 3. beautiful building 4. great children's programs
• The staff is wonderful
• It's Newbury's! The Staff!
• Good selection of videos and young adult books
• good book selection, helpful staff at front desk
• large selection of newer books
• The space for children is amazing compared to other older library's.
• I can walk to it
• Borrowing reference books to save me buying them, and sometimes
novels. I think it's an invaluable resource for people and should be supported.
• availability of books. Gracious - helpful help
Sample Answering: 103 responses
Q.12 What would you like to see changed/improved at the library?
• Open on Fridays. At least for a few hours.
• Limited hours
• Some conservative magazines and newspapers More computers that are
not under glass
• Restoration of Reference Services
• improved outreach to the community--programs, etc
• You are doing a great job
• Is it possible to have a list of DVD's owned by The Newbury Town library on
• I would like it to be open on fridays and more young adult programs. It
would also bo good if there was more space for the YA section.
• faster ILL services
• I would like to see the outdoor drop box with an extender so that you truly
can drop off material. On stormy days you need to either try to pull up closer
with riskk of hitting the building, or get soaking wet.
• It would be nice to have more passes
• More early hours or open some hours on Friday
• I love the library
• more books!
• nothing
• open on Fridays and open until 8pm some nights
• Always adding new things, which you do already
• not sure
• even more mysteries
• different hours
• Hours condusive to school age children.
• I have always been greatly disappointed by the Newbury Library. The hours
and location are tremendously inconvenient for anyone but Byfielders, and
the book selection is weak.
• Longer hours.
• Something impossible to change: it's far away from your Plum Island
constituents. I used the library a good deal when I was regularly commuting
southward; haven't been there in years at this point.
• Services in other parts of Town.
• Open more hours
• Better attitude by many residents about the importance of having a vibrant
library and how it contributes to the quality of life in a community.... they need
to stop complaining about the fact that it got built where it is and start
recognizing the value that a library can bring to a town.
• Don't use it enough currently to comment
• hours as mentioned above
• No suggestions
• The hours (see above).
• Please expand your poetry collection!
• Better hours so I could get there on a day that I am not working during the
hours that you are open
• More hours and more craft and other classes offered.
• I am fairly satisfied
• Expanded hours.
• Friday hours--late afternoon would be fine.
• I am totally satisfied.
• unlock the bathrooms, lower the ring on the telephone at the front desk.
Make sure that the staff acknowledges evry person as they enter the building,
a friendly nod or smile will do the trick. Encourage staff to deal with the patron
first-stop any conversation they are having with each other if a patron is in
need of any type of assistance. Do away with the loud speaker
announcement at closing-too impersonal. I also would solicit a variety of uses
for the program room-testing sites for various organizations, have various
committees or non profit organizations use the room. Adjust the library hours
so that some of these organizations can meet and the library will be open.
Discourage staff from gathering during slow periods. This time should be
used for "behind the scenes jobs" Recovering books, weeding, relabeing,
etc., etc.
• Expanding the dvd collection for both children and adults is always helpful
for my needs.
• Friday hours
• Magazine selection --- Often, especially at Christmas time,
offers subscriptions for $5 to 15 per year. A list could be left on the table of
magazines people would like to have at the library, the cost, and then we
could offer to pay for the subscriptions as a gift. For my own taste, the library
currently has too many home decor magazines and too few 'unusual'
magazines... like "Good" Magazine or "Utne Reader" that take time to read.
• Additional hours.
• Nothing from my point of view,but am not a frequent user
• The library is fine; I just have to get to it more often and learn how to
download some materials; as my kids do.
• some hours on Friday ( instead of Saturday?)
• hours
• The hours are an issue...
• I just don't seem to find interesting books like I do in Nbypt., on the first
floor they have a wall of books, fiction and non, lots of current material that I
usually pick up
• Mitigate noise from childrens area, see above re audio books
• I would like to see more programs for adults, with repeat nights.
• Change the summer hours
• more appreciation and use from the Newbury community
• suggest staying open later on one day and maybe closing on the next.
• Either later evening hours one night a week or maybe some summer
Saturday hours.
• More fiction
• More biographies of different people
• More teen books. Hours on Friday.
• Whereas the users of the library seem to respect the silence expected, I
must say that the staff think nothing of speaking in loud voices to one another
and on the phone. Very disappointing and quite irritating. If I were to stand up
and start speaking on my mobile phone, for example, I am sure that I would
be told off by staff and users alike. The Staff, it seems, have another set of
• 1)The Website - although it is simple (and should stay simple) - the layout is
bland and unwelcoming and there are dead and outdated links. Not to
mention for example there is a talk on the Parker River watershed tomorrow -
why is there no info about this on the site? 2)Open wireless connectivity on
premises. 3) Better layout inside the library - floor space is used poorly. 4)And
a move toward a collaborative online archive open to the consortium.
• more computers
• In addition to Merrimack Valley Magazine, would like also to see
Newburyport Magazine, North Shore Living, Portsmouth Magazine
• nothing
• more teen book choices
• nothing
• move DVD selectionns fro adults and children
• weekend hours
• very satisfied
• better hours for working families - winter and summer
• to offer museurm passes for childrens museiums in Boston aand art
museums as well. new headphones for computers in childrens room
• Bigger children's area, perhaps a separate area for very small children and
one for older children of 10yrs +.
• Hours, as noted above
• hours
• More lower level nonfiction children's books (k-2) (Thank you for getting the
ones you have!)
• Hours Put Reference materials that relate to school projects on top of the
book cases like you do the reading lists.
• I would like the library to be open on Fridays
• More hours, unfortunately our community does not value/support learning
and education.
• more hours that it is open
• Sunday openings
• Again offering the 2/3 yr old story times two mornings a week at the same
time has prevented me from taking my child.
• Lunt Street one way and slow! Even a dead end would work.
• I usually find it rather warm and stuffy there, so perhaps the air quality could
be improved.
Sample Answering: 83 responses
Q.13 Other comments or suggestions
• Everyone is very helpful and pleasant
• Keep up the good work!
• I'd like to download books to my ipod
• Most of the librarians are good. Some aren't friendly, which several seem
to not be busy enough. I also find that there are a lot of librarians for the
amount of people who use the library and there are a lot that seem to be
"eating" a lot. It really doesn't set a good tone for the public to not be waited
on because a librarian is eating. I also think that many of them are seen
congregating a lot. The teen center needs to be improved whereas the
childrens section is way too big. Teens hang out at the library and if there
were appropriate programs for them, they would be learning and not a
burden. Additionally, I think that there are books and magazines and
newspapers that the library discards or transfers that the patrons may be
interested in using and they are not available as discarded material. Some
type of an email to put a call on items that are to be withdrawn would be on a
first come first serve basis. I like the area where you can but used books,
but really feel that they should be free. and more of them.
• great place
• I think this is a great library and fine staff
• computer classes
• I use Newburyport for all my library needs. Thank goodness for the MVLC.
• Town has no broadly based community group or organisation to act as a
forum for the community. Don't know if the Library sees itself in this role in
any way -but it might have enough of a neutral stature to be a good vehicle
for such an initiative ?
• does the library have an active volunteer program that could help with
staffing for increased hours?
• Keep the library going
• I live on the Newbury/Newburyport line, so it's more convenient for me to go
to Newburyport, plus the hours are better. If there was programming in
Newbury that interested me - and I knew about - I'd be more likely to go.
• I'm pretty satisfied. I think the extra programming is very good, especially
for young children.
• It's not easy but the staff and library Director are doing a fabulous job at
making a difference. PLEASE keep up the good work!
• Given its location, we are never going to use this library.
• You all do a wonderful job at making us feel welcome and comfortable.
The librarian in the children's area has been hugely helpful to me over the
years with suggestions for both my own children and students. THANKS!
• It is a wonderful resource, and we feel lucky to have it in our town.
• Classes or seminars in popular topics might draw more people in on a
recurring basis.
• Perhaps you should not use my input since i no longer live in Newbury. Lois
• basically I love our library and am very supportive of it. I just think some fine
tuning will improve our public image.
• I would like to see a recycling place in the outer room where people could
leave current magazines and take others. Newburyport library has this.
• I thoroughly enjoy our library and consider ourselves fortunate to have such
a treasure trove in our community.
• The Library is a pleasant place to visit. The staff is exceptional.
• I do love the atmosphere in Newbury but find that it's out of my way to use
the library...otherwise it would be sufficient, probably should of picked a
better location such as the center of Newbury. I have heard others say the
• I would prefer the library to be open 12 to 7 every weekday. If that is not
feasible then 11 to 6 would be ok. Try not to have different hours of operation
on different days.
• To continue from above ideas for adults -- courses in the arts, hobbies,
Reading out-loud nights by authors or patrons, courses on writing
poetry/fiction, etc. There are lots of things that the library might offer to the
community. The thing is to start and keep it going and not be discouraged
with small turn outs at the beginning - Gook Luck
• service is outstanding
• Do not use freqently enough to have any thoughts on this subject. I
personally would prefer more books and less internet, but I realize this is not
the way of the present or future.
• The Newbury library is a beautiful library and everyone that works there is
very nice!
• 1)The present "NEW" library was physically built with an OLD idea of how a
library should be to accommodate for the future. It took into account larger
space for physical books, which is not the future of libraries. Making books
available on-line (see Google Books) - given that there are copyright issues to
work around. The Newbury Library has historical books - start here - preserve
these DIGITALLY. 2)More book sales/swaps 3)The information obtained
from this survey should be made available for the town to see after it is
complete. A follow up meeting should be held to help us understand what is
and is not being considered and why. 4) Thank You for asking!
• you have GREAT PEOPLE who work here!!
• need newer music choices in CD's
• Regrettaably Newbury is a very ddivided town. There are many people
living in Prec.1 who don't even know where the library is. Don't know what
anyone can do, but it hurts everyone
• very clean and well organized. staff is friendly and patient. We enjoy our
time here more than other local libraries. I have friends who prefer Newbury
to Newburyport library
• The library staff are always pleasant and helpful. The building itself is a
pleasure to be in, and is very well lit.
• what do you want from the community that might help run the library during
these hard budgetary times
• It's a great place and we're lucky to have it.
• It looks dark from the outside
• Fix the lights that are outside the front door, at night time it looks like the
library is closed.
• enjoy the bright admosphere, like the new director
• Enjoy bringing my son to the library and then outside to the swings. If I had
him signed up in the weekly story hour would come more often.
• I remember when the library was on the 2nd floor of the house next to the
mini mart
Sample Answering: 43 responses
Long-Range Planning with NMRLS
S.W.O.T. Exercise Report
Newbury Town Library
November 5, 2008
Staff Members
· Seasoned staff
· Wonderful staff
· Approachable and welcoming for children
· Provide good customer service, staff knows the people
· Wonderful children’s programs, e.g., story hours
· Have Cultural Council grant
In the Community
· Strong collaboration with public schools and their programs, esp. high school
· Lots of resources for schools
· Library shares with schools
· Library makes an effort to get the community here/invite people
· Volunteers from high school
· Plenty of parking
· Meeting Room
· Beautful facility / architecture
· Playground
· Ball field
· Handicap accessible
· Strong
· Engaged
· Hidden gems in the collection
o Great potential
· Databases
· Materials
· Strong video collection, classic films
· Get things done
· Fundraise
· Host very successful children’s birthday parties
· Book sales
· Vehicle Night
· Want to expand programs, e.g., author visits
· People don’t know about all the resources, e.g., MassAnswers
· No marketing to connect with the Town
· Town thinking with the Internet, there’s no need for the Library
· Don’t know how to please those who don’t come; some come in by mistake
· Need to give back to / provide for Town in a public way
· Gap in children’s programs for upper elementary ages
· No YA programs
· No programs for boys
· Weak adult prgramming, need to figure out what people will come out for
· Effects programming
· Too limited
· Erratic
· Need more hours for students
In the Community
· Relations with Town improving, but there’s a long way to go
· Town government people don’t come into the Library
· Lack of appreciation for the Library
· No honor / support for the Library, many people use Newburyport
· No money for programming
· Tables and chairs stored in Meeting Room
· Need to do more with Meeting Room, e.g., Council on Aging is in restrained
space, they have a part-time bus, can they use Meeting Room?
· No building maintenance plan
· No grounds maintenance
· Stacks poorly constructed for browsing
o Labels over author / title
o Stacks too full
· Children often bother adults, due to building desing – ¾ wall bewteen story hour
space and library space
· HVAC system
· Issues left over from construction project
o Window seal problem
o Construction company went bankrupt, building completed by bond
o Leaks
o Created a rift with the Town
· Town did not plan for increased budget in an expanded building
· Down a Reference Librarian
New Director
· Strong community roots
· Fresh eyes
· Reaching out to Town government
· What’s Newburyport PL doing (programming/ promoting), tie-ins for both
· Council On Aging
o Book delivery, build on home delivery from Library
o Promote Library programs/books at CoA
· Schools
o Support Curriculum frameworks
o Triton RHS
§ Museum exhibit project
§ Honor Students in Children’s Room
§ Music programs
o Governor’s Academy
§ Student’s community service hours
Promotion of Library programs & services
· “We need to be sticking our faces in people’s lives.”
· Library representatives need to be at Town’s “money” meetings.
· Chamber of Commerce Member Breakfast
· Reach out/promote in neighboring towns with NPL users (Rowley, Georgetown)
· Multiple sandwich boards in different sections of Town to advertise Library
programs (Byfield , Upper Green)
· Via weekly? Newspaper column
· Town website
· Library’s own website – create an identity
· Community Survey also promotes library and it’s resources/programs
o Distribute at: Post Office, Little Farm, Beach, Town Meetings, Transfer
o Include in Tax bill mailing
Meeting Room, utilize for / offer room to the following
· Planning Board
· Selectmen
· State Rep.’s office hours
· Art Exhibits
· Music recitals (in conjunction with Triton RHS)
· Make programming connections to adult population/users to create natural allies
of / lobby for library
· Repeat programs
· Adult Ed. Classes
· Test Prep classes / rent out Meeting Room?
· Summer Programs (ex. Newbury Elem. Schl.)
Bad Economy = Increased Use
· Circulation of books and movies/DVDs increase
· PCs – job searches
Little League Opening Day
· Books on Baseball in Children’s Room windows facing field
· Extended/special hours
Town’s Board of Selectmen
· Expansion of number of Selectmen = More allies for Library?
· Financial re-org of Town budget
Town’s 350th Anniversary
· Having time left over for projects/programming is limited with day-to-day
operations / service to patrons taking up most of staff’s day
· Bare-bones staffing, not always able to do more with less
Budget / Funding
· MBLC waivers
· National recession
· Inability to raise private funding
· Fundraising can cause library’s town budget to be cut
· Library as an income stream may go counter to idea of library being a public
institution with a public trust
Perception of Library
· Internet takes the place of libraries
Newburport’s library
· More convenient to Newbury residents on Plum Island and Old Town

Town Hall:
25 High Road, Newbury, MA 01951
Mon, Wed and Thurs:
8am - 4pm;
8am - 7pm
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